Affordable Care Act Made Simple.

Sizemore Strategic Solutions provides two main tools to keep your company compliant with the Affordable Care Act, the ACA Compliance Center and Simply ACA. Both are cloud-based solutions designed to minimize the administrative burden, mitigate the risk of IRS penalties and accurately file the required tax forms, while allowing companies to manage their data.

 ACA Compliance Center

Offering a full analysis & compliance solution designed to reduce manual processes and simplify compliance.
  • Easily configure and track your Measurement, Stability and Administrative Periods
  • Connects directly to your payroll data
  • Determines your responsibility as an applicable large employer
  • Tracks when employees are due offers and coverage
  • Monitors full-time status for variable-hour employees
  • IRS filing of Forms 1094-C and 1095-C as required
  • Dashboards and reports to track Employee Eligibility, Full Time Equivalents, Affordability, Applicable Large Employer Status

 Simply ACA

Providing employers with the ability to produce and file required IRS forms.

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